7 Best WhatsApp tips to have an affair without getting caught

If you are cheating on your partner, you need to be careful not to get caught. If you are in a relationship and you meet someone else, the decent thing is to end the relationship before your new one gets serious. If you aren’t ready to end either relationship, you have to take the necessary steps to keep your significant other from finding out.

If you are texting or calling the person that you are having an affair with through the traditional cell phone platforms, you can easily get caught. All your partner needs to do is check the history on your bill or online. As soon as they see multiple texts and calls from one particular number, they will become suspicious.

It won’t be long before they turn their suspicions into solid proof. The first thing they’ll do is monitoring your WhatsApp account, and I can guarantee that it doesn’t take a genius for any person to find out how to spy on your WhatsApp number even remotely. If you want to know how to get away with cheating on your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife using WhatsApp, there are a few tips that you should follow.

7 WhatsApp tips to have an affair without getting caught

1. Put a Passcode on Your Phone

This one is pretty obvious. If you have a passcode on your phone, your significant other won’t be able to access it. Any messages or phone calls between you and the person you are having an affair with would remain secret. Just be sure to use a code that your partner would never guess.

2. Hide WhatsApp Preview Messages

If you are showing your partner a photo or a video on your phone and the other man/woman sends you a text message through WhatsApp, the message will be displayed at the top of the screen. If this happens, you are caught.

To keep this from happening, you can hide the preview messages. It is very easy to do this. Start by opening the app and go to the settings. Next, tap notifications and toggle off “Show Preview.” This will keep the messages from popping up at awkward times.

3. Stop WhatsApp From Auto Saving Photos to Your Phone

If you and the other woman/man are sending each other photos of yourselves, the last thing you want is for your significant other to see it. WhatsApp will automatically save pictures that you receive to your camera roll unless you change the settings. The way to do this differs for iPhone users and Android users.

iPhone: If you have an iPhone, it is simple. On the WhatsApp, go to the settings and click “Chats.” Turn off the “Save Incoming Media” switch to off and the photos will no longer be saved. If you get a photo that you do want to save, tap on the photo and tap the “Share” button. Next, tap “Save” and it will be saved to your camera roll.

Android: If you have an Android phone, it will be more difficult. Since there is not a dedicated setting, you would need to create a .nomedia file in the WhatsApp picture folder. If you don’t want to do this or you don’t know how just be sure to delete the photo from your camera roll each time you get one.

4. Don’t Give Your Partner Your iCloud or Android PlayStore Password

If you don’t give your partner your passwords you could be safe, however, if they are tech savvy, they can get around this. If your partner buys the Mspy app for their phone, they can see everything that you are doing on WhatsApp and anything else on your phone. All they would need to do is log into their account and you will be caught. Mspy could potentially be your downfall.

5. Hide Your WhatsApp “Last Seen” Information

Hide Your WhatsApp “Last Seen” Information

If you are cheating on your significant other and the person that you are cheating with doesn’t know that you are in a relationship, you would need to protect yourself from both people. If you are with your significant other and you cannot respond to the other man/woman’s text on WhatsApp, they might get suspicious as to why you aren’t answering them back.

Since they can tell if certain contacts are online and when they last used the app, you need to hide this information. It is very simple to do. Go into your WhatsApp settings and select “Profile.” Next, click “Account” and then “Privacy.” You want to set your last seen to “Nobody.” This way, the other man/woman will have no idea that you are online and ignoring them. The instructions are the same for iPhones, Android phones, and Windows phones.

6. Mute Your Lover’s Chats If You Are With Your Significant Other

If your phone is constantly going off while you are with your partner, they will start getting suspicious. It is a good idea to mute their chats until you are alone. This is very simple to do.

Android: If you have an Android phone, open the app and then to “Group.” Next, using the Menu Button, which is the three dots in the upper right corner, tap “Mute.” Finally, select how long you want your notifications to be muted for.

iPhone: Open the app and go to the settings. Next, swipe left on the chat. When the menu drops down, select “More” and then tap “Mute.” Finally, select how long you want to disable your notifications.

7. Send Your Significant Other a Fake Location When Your Are With the Other Man/Woman

If you are going to be spending time with the other man/woman, you don’t want your significant other to find out. To keep this from happening, you can send them a fake location when you sent a text. All you need to do is open the app and tap the pencil icon in the right-hand corner to compose a new message.

Next, select your significant other in your contact list. You will see an arrow pointing up at the bottom left corner of the screen and you should select, “Share Location.” Next, tap “Hide Places” and move the pointer to the location that you want your significant other to think that you are.

Finally, click “Send this Location.” If you are going to do this you should be careful. If your significant other is tech-savvy, they might be able to tell that you sent a fake location. When you send an actual location, your significant other will only see a red pin on a map. If it is a fake location, there will be an address below the red pin.

While there are ways that you can keep your significant other from finding out your affair with the WhatsApp tricks listed above, it may be more trouble than it is worth. To avoid the work, stress, and fear of being caught that goes along with having an affair, you should just be honest.


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